April 26, 2014



What I Wore: shirt- Target (Shawn White in the boys section, if you must know), tank- H&M, bag- TJ Maxx, pants- H&M


It was bound to happen sometime. Gym clothes.

(As far as this project is concerned — as of right now at least — posting gym clothes or pajamas or sweatpants or whatever, means that I did not get dressed outside of getting dressed in gym clothes. Like, I post whatever is the most "official" outfit of the day. For example, if I wore jeans in a t-shirt, but then went out at night, I would post the night outfit most likely. Obviously, this information is mostly for myself, or any super curious people, as I'm only about a month into this thing.)

What I Wore: t-shirt- Guatemala, shoes- Nike (obviously), bag- Style Nanda


I don't think my camo addiction is quite as bad as this blog makes it seem. (In my defense, the camo flats that kept popping up were one of three pairs of shoes I took to Richmond, so yeah, they made quite a few appearances recently.)

What I Wore: flats- H&M, sweatshirt- Walmart, shorts- eBay

April 23, 2014


Last night I went to a party for a documentary about Puerto Rican drag queens called Mala Mala that premiered at Tribeca earlier this week. (Haven't seen it yet, but I hope to.) Drinks were too expensive — I know it's New York, but I'll be damned if I don't live my life as a way to prove that everything doesn't have to be expensive. There are places to get $4 drinks I tell you! Ahem... — and the drag queen show started late, but still it was nice to get a little dressed up on a Monday... Oh my god. I'm an old person. I just need to stop typing now.

Anyway... I got to wear these heels I bought on Go Jane for the first time. 'Cept I didn't get a good picture because this was taken on my cell phone. I was reluctant about buying anything from Go Jane, but I'm happy with these. (Also, after I downloaded this pic, ALL of the photos on my cell phone deleted and I have absolutely no idea why. WHERE ARE THEY?)

What I wore: heels- Go Jane, dress- H&M, bag- Style Nanda, jacket- Rainbow (As always. I think I need some new jackets.)


If I was on top of things, I could've wished everyone a happy Easter along with this post. Oh well, happy Easter anyway!

I really liked this outfit. It felt very me. I'm pretty sure I feel that way every time I have on black, white, and pink. And stripes. And something (fake)leather. And it was sunny. Yeah... good times.

What I Wore: jeans- Joe Fresh, flats- H&M, bag- Style Nanda, jacket- Rainbow, shirt- thrifted, sunglasses- free


It was bright outside. So bright, in fact, that I needed to wear sunglasses AND close my eyes.

Anyone else find themselves in the constantly wondering if they look cool or like Ina Garten when wearing a chambray shirt? (I guess feeling both cool and like Ina Garten is a valid option too...)

(Fun fact: I planted that tree several years ago when I still lived in Richmond after a hurricane knocked down the giant tree in my parents front yard. Now I get to see its progress when I go visit and will probably have an emotional breakdown if it ever gets removed.)

What I wore: shirt- Old Navy, jacket- Rainbow, flats- K-Mart, jeans- Uniqlo


What I Wore: pants- Joe Fresh, shoes- K-Mart, sweatshirt- Old Navy, bag- H&M

April 21, 2014


While visiting Richmond, I stayed over in Williamsburg one night to visit my boyfriend's family. This was the last day that it was warm during the trip. I wishhhhh I could wear shorts again, but New York refuses to get warmer than 60 degrees.

What I Wore: shirt- American Apparel, shoes- Rainbow, shorts- H&M (That were originally pants that my old roommate gave me. Fun fact!), backpack- Jansport


While in Richmond, my dad took a couple of my pictures. This is one of them and I'm sure it will be very easy to tell which one is the other.

What I wore: flats- Rainbow, shirt- men's section of Target, bag- H&M, glasses- free!


Mirror pic and no shoes because I was in Richmond, it was 80 degrees, and I was at my parents house. I thought, "Shoot! Why not use this old dingy mirror that was in all my old MyStyleDiary pictures?" And also, "Screw shoes! Who needs 'em when there's real grass to walk on!" For the record, in grand Richmond tradition, I later went to a house party where people were spilling beer all over the floor and luckily I wore shoes for that occasion.

What I Wore: skirt- Zara, shirt- thrifted,

Anyone else out there who used to use MyStyleDiary or anything else that required crappy mirror outfit pics?

April 20, 2014


Spent last week in Richmond and put the whole work-from-home thing to good use. Got to see a lot of old friends including one who was in town from Italy! (Crazy!!) Fell far behind on taking outfit pics but tried to keep up by taking a bunch with the clothes laid out. (Aka copping out, but it fits into the very liberal rules I gave myself so as to avoid failure.) Wore this on the bus because boots would be the most clunky to pack. Yeah, that's about it.

What I wore: boots- Forever 21/eBay, shirt- Forever 21, jeans- Uniqlo


coming soon

April 16, 2014

Out of Town

I'm keeping up with taking pictures... kind of. I mean I'll have the pictures. Get off my back, okay?!

But! The reason I'm not able to upload anything is because I have been away from home since Saturday and just realized I didn't bring my camera's USB cord. Oops. 

Please enjoy this lovely Face in Hole photo until regular posting resumes.

(Even though I know that isn't my body, I still have an uncomfortable feeling that I'm overexposing myself on the internet.)

April 10, 2014


Window Pics Part Two: The Less Successful Version, Or, How I Learned Why Fashion Bloggers Have Nice Cameras 

What I Wore: jeans- Forever 21 (not that you can even tell what they look like), shirt- H&M, jacket- Earl Jeans/thrifted, boots- Forever21/eBay

I shot this at the same time I did the previous outfit which is how I discovered that I would totally wear these patterns together...

... if I was Solange Knowles.


Artsy or a desperate attempt at better lighting because I took too long to take the photos? You decide.

What I wore: pants- Forever 21 (that I was obsessed with), shoes- K-Mart, t-shirt- American Apparel


Uh oh. I'm falling behind. As you can see, this is from the 7th and today's the 10th. Apologies to anyone who finds me via Bloglovin' 'cause in an effort to catch up, I'm gonna be all up in your feed today. That sounds dirty. Apologies for that too.

Funny story about these jeans, I bought them at Joe Fresh this past weekend and then I went in K-Mart  —Weirdly not for my K-Mart flats which is really the only reason I ever go there. I just happened to be nearby and wanted to see if they had any decent curtains. Super interesting, I know. — and the alarm went off. I figured it was because of... I dunno, my cell phone for some reason, so I kept going. Then on the way out the alarm went off AGAIN, so I looked through my bag to check if another store had left a security tag on something and didn't see anything. So then, when I wore these pants for the first time on Monday, I went to Family Dollar and their alarm went off when I entered and exited. I was like, What the hell? How am I not seeing a security tag on these pants if there even is one? I felt around in the pockets and there it was.

There was a tiny, very thin security tag SEWN INTO the pants. Isn't that weird? It had a cut on the dotted line thing, so I was able to remove that, but wtf? Aren't security tags usually removable in the store? Are people just walking around with Joe Fresh pants setting off alarms and not knowing what the fuck is going on? Joe Fresh, get your alarm situation together. 

Non-funny story about these jeans, they were only $29 dollars and fit well, but Joe Fresh's jeans that come in regular denim do not fit the same. These come in all kindsa crazy colors which is awesome and gave me an excuse to buy pink jeans, but I'd love some blue denim in the same fit. Joe Fresh, get your cheap jeans situation together.

(Thanks for the pink jeans though, I'm not hatin'.)

What I wore: shoes- K-Mart, pants- Joe Fresh, t-shirt- Walmart, jacket- Rainbow

Ps. I can't find these jeans online, but they do have a pair they're selling for $4.94, so if anyone wants to check that out and report back...

April 8, 2014


Colors are looking weird here, but I'm going with it. The head scarf is actually more purple-ish, the bag is neon green/yellow, and the shirt is not so bright. Wore this to brunch Sunday for my friend's birthday and then fell asleep for much of the rest of the day because even one bloody mary makes me sooooo sleepy.

I loved how all of this looked together, but later in the evening when I was wearing just the shirt and jeans I was like "Damn! I thought I looked so cool earlier but now I just look like Ina Garten." I guess that's the way it is with chambray shirts. I wanted one for so long and finally found one I liked at Old Navy this weekend. That place really is worth going in sometimes. But not for the jeans. Oh gawd, not for the jeans... if you're me at least.

What I wore: flats- Rainbow, jeans- Uniqlo, jacket- Rainbow, shirt- Old Navy, bag- H&M

April 7, 2014


Photography fail. The lighting in my apartment blows/I'm bad at figuring out camera settings/I was impatient. To be improved...

Goofy smile courtesy of boyfriend walking up at the last minute when I was using the self-timer.

What I wore: pants- H&M, plaid shirt- thrifted, shoes- K-Mart, jacket- thrifted, bag- TJ Max

April 5, 2014


Yep, it's still cold. Also, it rains soooo much in New York. I'm used to it now, but if you're interested in moving here, just know that it rains all the time. New York has so much going on that I think people tend to leave that fact out. I had no idea before I moved here.

What I wore: Boots- Rainbow, Jeans- Uniqlo, Shirt- thrifted, Jacket- Rainbow, Bag- H&M, Hat- street vendor

April 3, 2014


A lot of times bloggers take their photos outside and I'm like, "Guuuurl, you know you don't be wearing those five-inch heels all around your house! You know you be sitting on your couch looking pissed while drinking a smoothie."

Or maybe that's just me. (I can't get the picture taking thing down! I swear I was happy and that smoothie was fucking delicious!)

I know. I know. The whole deal is that you take the pictures when you look totes fab, but today I just decided to take one of myself with all the accouterments and one of how I wore the clothes 80 percent of the day. When I'm inside, I don't wear a hat, shoes, or jacket, and honestly, on most days I wouldn't be wearing the bra, but I don't want my nips all over the interwebs so it's fully protecting my bosom in the picture.

I also did this because it felt like spring today and it was amazing! We got up to a toasty 65 degrees here in New York and it gave me the opportunity to wear a hat (that wasn't a beanie) and a light jacket. Part of the reason I decided to start this project in the first place is because winter was bumming me out big time — I haven't been diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder, but if it's real, I definitely have it — and I knew that I would feel better if I was able to get myself to have a little fun with my clothes. Well, now it's finally starting to get warm out, so now that's easier than it previously seemed. I even listened to my Belle and Sebastian Pandora station today and the songs that can make me so sad on a dreary depressing day, made me feel happy. It's the simple things, I guess? All I can say is, "Yay, spring!" And I better freakin' enjoy it because soon I'll be hot and sweaty and annoyed about that.

Ps. If you want to recreate the smoothie — and why wouldn't you?! It's a banana, a few ice cubes, a few strawberries, a little plain yogurt, some soy milk, and a little fresh ginger in a blender. Bam! (And I didn't mean for that to rhyme...) Drink and listen to spring-y music.

What I wore: Pants- H&M, Shirt- Rainbow, Sneakers- Nike, Jacket- Thrifted, Hat- Target

April 2, 2014


The second day and I'm already wearing my purse backwards. Oops.

What I did: Worked from home (office is closed this week), took a walk, was annoyed about Obamacare and stayed on hold for 20 minutes before someone was able to answer my questions, cooked a fucking amazing looking frittata that I'm about to eat. (It's my first frittata so I'm allowed to be excited like a nerd. By the way, I hate the word frittata.)

What I wore: Shorts- H&M, Boots- Corso Como, Bag- H&M, Shirt- Thrift Store


The first day!

My posing skills could sure use some work. I think my high point was when I was consistently updating the Etsy shop. Since then... well, things have gone down hill.

Will my posing get better?
I damn well hope so.

It's still cold out!

What I did: Went to the doctor, did exciting things like buy flowers and eat frozen yogurt for breakfast because I was happy to be working late, did my first editing shift!

What I wore: Sneakers- Nike, Bag- Stylenanda, Pants- H&M, Jacket- Rainbow, Scarf- Gift, T-shirt- men's section of Target

April 1, 2014

The "Get Dressed!" Project

From my old blog which actually contained, like, no outfits pictures besides this.

(I have to start by saying that this isn't an April Fools' joke and hopefully it doesn't seem like one...)

I've decided to start something new on this here blog.

My plan is to take a picture of what I wear everyday for a year. I know this sounds extreme, but that's sort of the point. My idea here is to have this be an experiment of sorts and I've decided to do it for a few different reasons.

Fashion is one of my biggest interests and that's why I started blogging again in the first place — I wanted an outlet for my fashion writing (and cool pictures and stuff...) — but as you can see, I haven't written a post since November. Currently, I'm working full-time freelance as an entertainment writer which makes it difficult for me to feel like writing blog posts regularly. Basically because of laziness and tired eyes and sore back and all that. It also makes it "difficult" for me to get dressed on the days when I work from home. (A big addition to this feeling recently has been THE LONGEST WINTER THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED. It was/kind of still is so cold. It's hard to feel motivated about clothes when you have to wear a giant puffy coat every single day.)

I always feel so much better when I actually put on clothes and don't just sit on my couch typing away in pajamas. I'm sure this isn't something everyone feels, so it might sound materialistic or weird to some. And maybe it's because my moods shift pretty easily, but getting dressed seriously makes so much of a difference for me when it comes to how I feel.  Doing this project will get me active when it comes to just getting dressed, as simple as that sounds, and will provide me with constant ideas on what to write about. For instance, Where did that purse come from? How have I kept that coat for seven years? Why haven't I been thrifting recently?

Desperate times. (Plus, wtf is up with my hair?)
I've read fashion blogs since way back in the day when they were barely fashion blogs, but rather just people talking crappy photos of their outfits in the mirror. There was MyStyleDiary (that's what it was called, right?) where I discovered Susie Bubble and was like, "Oh snap! I wanna be like that! Give me a point-and-shoot camera and dingy mirror!" And I did, I added pictures to the site and I pretty much only wore t-shirts and jeans.  I was a senior in high school and it was new to me, but I loved the community of it. I loved seeing what other people were wearing and getting comments on my own outfits. Similarly, I was a big fan of a Tumblr group called Bits and Bobbins. (Again, I may be off on the name. These are both, unsurprisingly, now defunct.)

Obviously, a lot has changed in the world of fashion blogging and now blogs are pristine websites with partnerships and bloggers blog as their full-time jobs. To avoid any confusion here, I'm absolutely not hating on this. It's fantastic to be able to do what you love for your career and it's something I've always found to be extremely important. I'm just pointing out the change because this project I'm going about is going to explore those changes in a way. Yeah, sometimes I might have a really nice photo of an outfit I really like and it might look "bloggy" in the normal way. But sometimes I'm going to take a picture of a pair of sweatpants sitting on the floor because that's what I wore. It's the back and forth between the more put-together-ness of somedays and the I'm-wearing-leggings-and-a-hoodie-all-day-ness that intrigues me. I love fashion, but I don't always look like it.

I want to see if any changes happen for me through doing this. Will I get dressed every day? Will I be happier? Will I start wearing jewelry? (Spoiler alert: That's not going to happen.) Will I notice any patterns? Will I stop wearing those black pants that I wear ALL THE TIME as often? Will I use more of my closet? Will I be more motivated to write blog posts other than for the Get Dressed project? Will I get better at photography? Blog designing? Styling? Will my work space become more glamorous than this sad mess?

I know Sriracha is in right now, but what about half-used duck sauce packets?

I definitely have some reservations about this so I'm going to try to answer some questions I've be asking myself.

Will you really take a photo EVERY DAY?
Yep. I'm going to try my hardest. That doesn't mean I'm going to post every single day — I'm not trying to put an unrealistic amount of pressure on myself — so there might be some days where photos from the past few days go up at once.

Are you just trying to guilt yourself into getting dressed?
No! I know I actually want to get dressed, so I'm just motivating myself. If I were guilting myself, I'd require that the days I stay in sweatpants, I take a photo of myself in them. I'm not making it a requirement that I'm actually wearing the clothes.

Are you going to still write longer posts?
I hope so! That's one of my reasons for doing this. Again, motivation.

What are you major reasons behind this?
Being able to write about fashion. Feeling better in general because of, ya know,the whole loving what I'm wearing thing. To see what — if anything — changes with my style, writing, mood, blog because of this. Also! My love of documentation. My dad's a photographer/quasi-hoarder and I know for sure that I got from him my love of looking at old pictures and just generally keeping track of things. I think it will be really cool a year from now to look back at all of these.

Are people going to be weirded out when they see that tripod always standing in your living room?

Got questions? Ask me. Even after all of this, there's still probably some things I need to clarify for myself.