May 11, 2014


Today is Mother's Day so naturally I went to Brooklyn Botanic Garden with my boyfriend where we avoided being in the way of people's Mother's Day pictures. That's what happens when you live in a different state than your mom. You have to call her and send her a LifeFactory bottle as a gift that won't arrive until several days after Mother's Day. 

I'd wanted to see the Cherry Blossoms at BBG basically since I moved to New York, but the fact that they're only around briefly meant that this didn't happen until my third May living here. They were as gorgeous as I imagined and I didn't even mind that the garden was crowded due to the holiday.

Some unintentional matching.

Man, sometimes I really think I'm not cut out for this. And by "this" I mean posting photos of myself on the internet. Come on girl, at least brush the cherry blossoms off your leg first! I also had dirt on my butt from sitting on the ground because I'm totally classy and super put-together like that.

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