November 21, 2013

All of the Things


Runway collections have so much variance that it's hard to know how to judge them. Sometimes they're boring, although reasonable, and full of things that already exist. Sometimes they're artistic and totally and completely unwearable. Then there's the times when I flip through photos and think, I really "get" this. One of these collections is 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2013. "But that happened so long ago," you're saying. My response is, "It's fall 2013 right now, is it not?" 

I think what I like so much about this collection is that I actually want to wear the clothes. I don't have to imagine crazy scenarios in which I would like to wear them, I would just like to wear them in my normal life.  Maybe the styling is just a little more extreme. While would wear over-the-knee boots, I would definitely not wear over-the-knee spat attachments. I do like to have a lot of textures going on though. And I like interesting, jagged hems. I like layers and the colors used-- black, pink, navy, grey, army green. As corny as it sounds, this was one that really spoke to me. And spoke to me in a reasonable way. It didn't say something like, "This is what you would want to wear if you were attending Cannes." 

I'm sure anyone that views runway shows has a designer that brings up these I-wanna-wear-this-now feelings. For me, it's Phillip Lim.

Do you know what I mean? What collections are you version of this? 

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November 20, 2013

Tights and Shorts and Staples

Do you ever put on an outfit and think, "Wow, this is a very me outfit?"

Yikes, that sounded like magazine copy. Let's start over.

The other day I got dressed and thought, "Damn. This is a Lia ass outfit."

I was looking in the mirror and my boyfriend, Michael, was nearby (really every location in our tiny apartment could be described as nearby) so I said to him, "I look very back in the day Lia today." And he agreed! I said, "What?! How do you even know what I'm talking about?" He responded, "I feel like you used to wear that a lot." I was shocked. I didn't know I wore this combo that much.

The outfit at hand was a black and white striped shirt, denim shorts with black tights underneath, flats, a motorcycle jacket, and a chain strap purse. By "back in the day," I really only meant, like, three years ago when I became obsessed with wearing tights under shorts. I was really turned off of pants at the time (similar to my current cardigan situation) to the point that I remember it to this day apparently, and cutoffs under tights were the perfect replacement. This combination is equivalent to wearing jeans as far as I'm concerned. I guess I hadn't implemented it for a while, or at least not in the perfectly combined way, because when I put on this outfit the other day, it seriously felt comforting. It involved so many of my favorite things at once. It took me back to a time, or place rather, where it was possible to remain pantsless for an entire winter. Granted, Richmond gets pretty cold, but I've sure grown to love pants in New York.

This outfit wasn't just about the short and tights though, it was also the black and white striped shirt, something I used to wear constantly but had gone without for a long time until recently when I found a perfect one at Goodwill. The chain strap bag that has, for me, become something that I don't think I'll ever not like. The motorcycle jacket which I've ranted about before. It was a bunch of things that I don't think I ever fully realized had become staples for me. Things that I knew I loved, but had gone without for a while in search of the next perfect replacement. Here they were all together again. It was comforting. It was a Lia ass outfit.

A several months ago I made a Polyvore board called "Tights and Shorts Forever" with this description:
it's been years and i'm still a big fan of tights and shorts. i'm not sure i'll ever get sick of this pairing. really convenient alternative to pants.

tights and shorts forever

And here's the Lia outfit from the other day. I tried to arrange it similarly just for fun.

Guess I know what I like! Ps. My real life Polyvore turned out better than expected. I totally understand why people do outfit posts this way. Said more established bloggers, "Are you kidding me? Amateur!"

Shorts - thrifted. Top - thrifted. Jacket - Rainbow. Tights - Forever 21. Shoes - Rainbow. Bag - TJ Maxx. Beanie - who knows.

November 19, 2013

How To Dress Like Aila Wang

I recently wrote a post for Crushable where I styled outfits on Polyvore inspired by celebrity babies, or as I call them, celebabies. It was really enjoyable and the looks came out better than I originally expected. It also required I look at that burrito-looking picture of North West a lot.

One little lady that I couldn't include was Aila Wang, niece of Alexander Wang, since she doesn't exactly qualify as a celebaby. Maybe more of a fashibaby...? I've had her name written on my list of possible blog topics for a while now and was planning on just writing something like, "Omg. She's so awesome. I want the entire wardrobe of a four-year-old," so when I realized I could mash up the celebaby Polyvore idea with a post about Aila Wang, I knew I had to do it.

So here we are. I get a purpose for fooling around on Polyvore and you get to dress like a toddler in a reasonable way. Win-win.


aila wang 1

aila wang 4

I tried to keep the prices on the items reasonable because it sucks when you see something you like on Polyvore and then go, "Oh crap. That skirt cost $400." But I did use the actual Alexander Wang Rocco bag rather than a knock off. I am talking about his niece after all, fella deserves some respect! To shop, click the little pictures of the items underneath each set.

November 18, 2013

The "Sweatshirt" Sweatshirt and Cat Hatred

It's cold out. Like, really cold. Dark and cold and depressing and Seasonal Affective Disorder inducing. It's a cold that made me realize why so many popular style blogs are LA-based. You can put on the cutest outfit in the world on the east coast, but when you step outside you better be covered the fuck up or you'll freeze. It makes getting dressed less fun than in spring or summer because being practical isn't a choice, it's a necessity.

Recently, through my adventures in layering, I've found that for some reason right now I don't feel comfortable in cardigans. I'll get dressed to point where I need to start putting on some sort of sweater, coat, hat, other cold weather stuff, and every time I've put on a button-up sweater I think it looks weird. I don't know what happened, they just aren't suiting my eyes right now. What DOES feel comfortable-- and this is nothing new for me-- is crewneck sweatshirts. My personal favorite is from a line Norma Kamali did with Walmart. It's a black sweatshirt that said “sweatshirt” on it in shiny black script. It's weird, it was five dollars, it's comfortable, and I love it. It's my sweatshirt sweatshirt. I will always like it and I hope it never disintegrates into nothingness.

I reluctantly took the photo above of the sweatshirt sweatshirt which required a thorough lint rolling due to an Ikea throw I just bought that sheds EVERYWHERE. It appears as though we have a cat and I WOULD NEVER-- excessive shedding is only one reason of many why not. (Clearly, I did not find it necessary to clean off that stain. It keeps it true to life..?) I tried to just find a photo of it online but that's impossible other than this tiny one on the Walmart website's Q&A area. (I suggest you read the Q&A. It's pretty funny. Someone is in awe that the sweatshirt actually says sweatshirt on it.) Anyway, I'm very surprised there aren't photos of it available. How could no one else love it as much as I do? I mean, it's amazing. Right? Maybe I'm just crazy.

Norma Kamali sweatshirt awesomeness aside, crewnecks have become quite popular these days which is convenient for my new cardigan hating ways, but also puts me at risk for crewneck overload. Good thing I tend to be stingy with my purchasing. I've rounded up some good ones. This required wading through TONS of them that featured cats. Wear cats sweatshirts if you want, just don't expect to find them here. One of these I own, one of them I've ordered and is currently in Maspeth, NY (Ah, the wonders of online tracking), and the rest are just other cool options. Go forth and layer! (Unless you're in Southern California in which case, ooooh I'm jealoussss.)

2. Target
3. Forever 21
4. Oasap

5. Old Navy (I have this one. It's perfect and currently on sale.)
6. Forever 21
7. Etsy
8. Forever 21

[Update: The order I was tracking arrived. It was the Forever 21 dinosaur sweatshirt above. It fits a lot larger than expected, so I'll be returning it. Some people might want it that way, I just didn't.]

November 15, 2013

Links a la Mode!

Hooray! I was selected for this week's Independent Fashion Bloggers' Links a la Mode! IFB set up Links a la Mode as a way for bloggers to get their posts out into the world by having them featured on twenty different blogs. Bloggers are able to submit posts, each week twenty are chosen, all twenty of those blogs post everyone's links. It's a fantastic idea and I'm stoked my Giant Fashion Undies made the cut! They choose a wide variety of topics so I encourage everyone to click around. I know I will. Here's the feature:


Primped & Pretty in Pink

This season has everything all mixed up. Pink for fall? Sweatshirts? After all, breaking rules is what fashion is all about. As we're right in the midst of the holiday season, getting beautified and looking your best is second only to getting in the spirit of giving. This week's roundup has a nice mix of beauty, trend and tips for the holidays, so get your cup of mint cocoa and read through these fabulous links!

Links a la Mode: November 14th

  SPONSOR: EastDane Love & Lemons, Lipault, A Fine Line, 1883, Theory, Kismet Milka, Kaufman Franco, Men's RayBan, & Sweaters, Latest Sunglass Styles

November 13, 2013

Angela & Roi: Buy A Bag, Donate By Color

Square Mandarin-Orange Tote

When I was contacted by Angela Lee of Angela & Roi asking if I was interested in writing a post about their handbags, I was a little thrown off. Why was I being contacted? How should I respond? I've seen brands written about on other blogs plenty of times and those posts don't always come off genuine or as if the writer even likes the product. Once I saw Angela & Roi's bags and read about their mission, all these worries were put to rest. I actually like the purses and I especially was drawn to the brand's donation policy which benefits numerous medical causes. Also, I'm sure Angela & Roi are contacting tons of people to try to get the word out. I totally respect that and get where they're coming from. I knew I couldn't not write about this.

The most important thing I can explain about Angela & Roi is their idea of Donating By Color. You know how there are different colors associated with various medical causes-- red for AIDS awareness, pink for breast cancer, and so on? Well, Angela & Roi's Donate By Color uses these colors and causes in association with their bags. Buy a white satchel, a $5 donation goes to the Lung Cancer Alliance. Buy an orange tote, $5 goes to the Nation Kidney Foundation. It's simple and easy.

Plus the handbags are actually all really cute and stylish. They look like bags many of us would want to buy anyway-- from the Cambridge Satchel-like Palette Cross-Body to the Birken-reminiscent Sunday Tote-- so might as well have your purchase go towards a good cause! They aren't ridiculously expensive either with prices ranging from $65 to $148.

Palette Red Cross-body

I'm always honest here, so I want to say upfront that I'm not getting anything from this other than the good feeling of knowing I'm helping out an up-and-coming business and, in particular, one that supports great causes.

If you would like to shop or get more information on Angela & Roi click here to visit their website. 

November 11, 2013

Shoes I Want

The real deal. (via)

I'm not gonna beat around the bush today and the fact that I'm using one of my most hated cliched phrases should prove that. As the title says, this post is about shoes I want. It's straightforward. I'm not reinventing the wheel here (or reinventing overused phrases!). And even though I'm talking about shoes, I'm not going to explore whether the stiletto is a feminist symbol or a modern take on horrific foot binding. No, no. This is solely (ha!) about how I realized I have amassed a collection of wanted shoes in my mind, but have not bought nor ordered any of them because I'm cheap and I'm indecisive. If something is put right in front of me at a good price, I can't pass it up. Case in point, yesterday on the way home from the gym (why is my gym near so many stores?!), I almost bought a faux-leather peplum top from a Big Lots-like place called Fat Albert's Warehouse because it was on the clearance racks outside. (Somehow I didn't get it. I'm shocked. I have a predilection for everything faux-leather and it was only five dollars.) On the other hand, if I find a pair of shoes I absolutely love online, I will put off purchasing for months knowing full well that if they ever go out of stock I will strongly regret it.

So here they are. The shoes I'm currently lusting after, but not buying because they're already out of stock or because I'm bad at decisions or because money. Maybe, just maybe this'll convince me to get one of them.

Burgundy New Balance

New Balance 574, Burgundy
Ever since I saw this photo on Pinterest, I've wanted Burgundy New Balance. They'd be the winter version of my hot pink Saucony's (which are on sale and they're awesome. You need to buy them now!) These are not the exact same as the ones in the Pinterest pic, but they are the closest I've found. They're in the Boys section which means they cost less AND look better than the pairs I saw in this color in Womens.

Low-Top Black Nikes
Speaking of sneakers, I would really like a pair of low-top black ones. I was really into high-top Dunks for a while and I have two pairs. (One is from the first Nike x Liberty London collection and I splurged on them at Urban Outfitters. The other was like $15 bucks from Buffalo Exchange. It evens out.) BUT I've recently started to appreciate low sneakers more-- I find them more flattering for me as a short person, silly as this may sound-- and would love a sleek pair like the Nike Eclipse II above. Problem is, I can't find my size anywhere so I'm on the search for something similar. If you like 'em and happen to wear a 11.5 or 12, they're on sale here.

Minnetonka Knee-High Boots
I have the short version of these in brown. I got them four years ago and even though I've worn them pretty hard and gotten them caught in rainstorms, they're still in great condition other than some wear on the sole. And that doesn't even matter because the rubber Minnetonka uses for the sole is pretty thick and sturdy. I've had my eye on these ever since I decided on my own pair years ago, but I recently found myself searching around on eBay. On the one hand, their quality justifies the $85 price tag, on the other, because they're of such good quality, I wouldn't really mind a used pair.

Some Kinda Short Black Boots

I'm noticing that everything here is very practical. My dream shoes used to always be heels to this day whenever I buy a pair I convince myself that I'll get more wear out of them than I actually do. I do not wear heels often because I walk everywhere. Sometimes I'm so jealous of you LA people! They only ever come out if I'm going out at night and only then if I know I'm not going to multiple places with a lot of distance in between. So I'm pretty proud of myself for getting excited over all these practical shoes. The above are from Forever 21. I like them because the printed part makes 'em less boring.

Red Stud Heels

Fashion Studded Stilettos
So speaking of practical... these aren't. But they're preeeettyyyyy. And the closest I'll ever get to the Red Valentino stud heels. (By the way, I plan on writing a post on knockoffs/copycats and if this is "okay." I have mixed feelings.) I just saw that the website raised the price on these thereby making my decision even harder. 

Do you guys end up with wishlists in your heads? Anyone else tend to not act on them? Or do you always go for things when you really want them, no regrets?

PS. I hope this comes off as something fun and light rather than overly materialistic... I guess that's a paranoia I'll have to get over if I'm going to be writing a fashion blog.