September 19, 2013

Chicken Or Egg

Either someone at Forever 21 works fast or this just is a pretty obvious thing to put on a t-shirt.

I think it's the latter and I think I like it. Alexander Wang wins this one for the sheer panels and because it actually says "Parental Advisory" rather than "New York Advisory."

As for this collection overall, I wasn't crazy about it, but I mean this more on a personal level than a "this is terrible garbage" level. What can I say? I'm just not into the pajama thing. Or the big heavy leather and denim jacket thing.


I do think these are cute though.


I sound like I'm being pretty simplistic about this one, but I think it's because these are casual, wearable clothes rather than ones where I can say, "Oh, well it's just for the art of it" or "I mean, it'd be awesome for so and so to wear to the Grammy's." Runway fashion is weird in that way. It asks you to be judgmental and also forces you to choose your own personal criteria to use to get to that judgement. 

Then it makes you consider buying a Forever 21 shirt that says "New York Advisory" just because you get a little something from a connection you made.

September 12, 2013

Wearing White *Cough*AfterLaborDay*Cough*

I've got a new post up on Crushable about celebrities successfully wearing white outfits in fall and winter aka after Labor Day. It's one of the odder things I've ever written because for some reason I relate the over abundance of "it's totally okay to wear white after Labor Day!!!" articles to ridiculous tampon commercials. Yeah... I don't know. The brain works in mysterious ways.

First the cliche was “no white after Labor Day,” but then the idea of breaking the rule became the new cliche after fashion article after fashion article were written about how breaking rules is chic! Rebellious! The new black! Is this bad? No, not at all. But we get it.
Intrigued? Check it out at Crushable.

There's also pictures of lovely ladies like Zoe Saldana and one very ridiculous Jennifer Lopez fur coat.

September 10, 2013

Talkin' 'Bout Karen Walker

Karen Walker Spring 2014 Ready to Wear pink pants
I remember once, in the beginning of my viewing runway shows online (2006/2007?), messaging a friend of mine on AIM (I know.) that I had found a collection that I thought was really amazing because it was like, so, like, cool. I remember my friend saying that it didn't seem that crazy/creative/different or something like that but to me it was awesome because it was like, so, cool.

I'm using the "like, so, like cools" here because I don't know exactly how I put into words what I meant when trying to describe the Karen Walker collection I was talking about, but I assume it was something similar. Seeing herSpring 2014 looks brings this conversation back to me and I think that what I meant was that the clothes were exaggerated versions of stuff I would actually wear. Of course there's the collection you look to for the artistry or the weirdness or to imagine yourself wearing gowns when you eventually attend The Oscars (It will happen! I could become friends with like a sound editor or something!), but I think the most enjoyable for me tend to be the actual wearable ones especially when they're as well styled as Karen Walkers'.

As for the fact that I remember that certain AIM chat at all, I think it's because I was nervous to share that I was viewing fashion shows online-- no one I knew was in to doing this-- and the embarrassing (or possibly embarrassing) things are with out fail the ones that we recall most clearly.

Karen Walker Spring 2014 Ready to Wear baggy pants
 I really don't even know what draws me to this. I think I own one pair of loose fitting pants. (via/via)
Karen Walker Spring 2014 Ready to Wear hats styling
(I feel this collection really shows how important the styling can be. Unless you think this styling is bad obviously... via/via)

Tommy Hilfiger Not Racist, Lia Late To Knowing About It (Also! Spring 2014!)

Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2014 shorts jacket

Okay, y'all, I'm gonna be super, embarrassingly honest right now. I wrote an entire post about how in elementary school I heard about Tommy Hilfiger making possibly "racist" comments on Oprah and only through writing the post did I find out that none of it was true.

Up until literally five minutes ago, when I thought of Tommy Hilfiger, I immediately thought about being in grade school and there being talk about his appearance on Oprah where he said that he didn't make his line to be worn by black people. I never actually saw the interview which, by the way, DOESN'T EXIST, but I'd always thought, "We'll he probably meant that he didn't mean for his name to be put on corner store keychains without authorization and his words were just twisted and twisted until they became Tommy Hilfiger is racist." I've seriously convinced myself that he actually said something racist-ish but that his words were misconstrued and that he was talking about knockoffs! And that other people also thought this, agreed that he'd moved on from it, and moved on themselves. W. T. F?!

Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2014 sweater pants

I mean, we talked about this IN CLASS WITH THE TEACHER BRINGING IT UP and it really stuck with me and I know, I one hundred percent know, it stuck with me because I'm biracial. I also remember my third grade teacher having a talk with everyone about racism after some kids were saying "white man can't jump" to another mixed kid. Yes, like the movie. These things stick. I went to a majority black elementary school. I suppose these talks came with the territory and that the strong memories come with my hyper-awareness about racial stuff due to being half black and half white.

It's really sort of blowing my fashion and general mind right now to have searched "Tommy Hilfiger on Oprah" and found the video below. When I originally started writing this my intention was to have the Tommy Hilfiger elementary school racism story as an unfortunate lead in to what I think is a pretty damn cool collection sartorially, but I've instead taken a fortunate segue toward myth buster. Here's the film of Oprah and Hilfiger setting the record straight:

I don't know where to even go from here. I was going to show some pics from the collection from the point of view that I've still been able to see the collections stand alone from the allegations of possible racist talk FIFTEEN FREAKIN' YEARS AGO, but now I show the pictures with a strange feeling of a weight-- albeit a light weight, I mean, I don't think of Hilfiger that often-- off my shoulders.

The collection is beachy and neoprene-y and looks easy to wear and fun AND NOT RACIST. There's some awesome looking pants (particularly when they're actually zipped up, I'm sure) and some sick sweaters AND SOME NOT RACIST-NESS.

Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2014 dress floral denim shorts
Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2014 knit shorts neoprene skirt

I had no intention of being this serious or late to knowing things-- I swear a lot of my writing is comedic so don't be scared off! I just also am interested in socioeconomics and people's reactions to things and the effect of time of those reactions. And I'd really love to know if anyone else heard about this rumor and, if so, did it have any effect on you? Did anyone else not know that it was false until now? I'd especially love to hear about that!

Ps. WTF?! What the shit kinda rumor is this to start?! It seems so random and strange and weird and horrible. Ughh.

September 9, 2013

Hashtag NYFW

I don't know when I started caring about fashion and I don't really even know what I mean by that.

Christian Siriano Spring 2014 crop top
Christian Siriano Spring 2014 (via)

"When did you start caring about fashion?" is a very interview-sounding question and it popped into my head recently due to New York Fashion Week. Depending on the meaning, my answer could be when I was a small child and my mom let me dress myself in the clothes she picked up from the thrift store. Or it could be when I got a little older and stopped wanting thrift store stuff and preferred instead for my grandma to buy me brand new Nikes in order to fit in. Or it could be when I got a little older than that, got a new group of friends, and decided thrifting was awesome and a great way to spend time. As far as my caring about runway fashion goes though, I can point more clearly to a time around the end of high school and beginning of college, and I can point even more specifically to one collection. This one:

Balenciaga Fall 2007 pink blazer jodhpurs
Balenciaga Fall 2007 Ready-to-Wear. I seriously bought an ill fitting pink blazer that I never wore and pants like this, which were also ill fitting but that I did wear, because of this outfit. (via)

I remember thinking that this collection, Balenciaga Fall 2007, which came out when I was a senior in high school, was the shit. I still think it's the shit. I don't even know how exactly I found out about it-- Teen Vogue? Early fashion blog reading?-- but it really stuck out to me. It's quirky, mish-mashed, and just a buncha different things all of which I want to wear some form of. Also, this collection was the first time that I really clearly saw the connection between runway fashion and the clothes I saw in stores. School boy blazers, printed scarves, and jodhpur-ish pants, were all over Forever 21 and beyond. As someone who shopped (well, still shops) in Forever 21 this was really exciting for me and kept me looking to the interwebs for Fashion Week coverage with each season.

I say all this to say, I think it's interesting to think about why we-- and when I say we, I mean those of us who aren't buyers, editors, or the super wealthy who will actually purchase designer runway looks-- look to the runway at all. Why we have this obsession with Fashion Week that has kept it trending on Twitter in the top spot consistently for the past five days*? Why do we get FOMO about it? Why do we eagerly view runway photos and attempt to watch shows on YouTube only to be disappointed when the video is fuzzy and the music is obviously not what was actually used?

Balenciaga Fall 2007 blue blazer jodhpurs
Lego shoes! (via)

For me the answers become clear when I think about what I felt and found through viewing that Balenciaga collection six years ago. I look to the runway because, while I will never have the exact outfits, they provide ample inspiration for the things I can actually do with the things I can actually get my hands on. I look because I like making the connections between what the designers came up with and what ends up in the stores and on the street. And I like making other connections when finding out the inspirations that lead the designers to come up with what they did. There's also the fact that the clothes are pretty or fun or ugly or stupid and I get to play judge!

Basically, there's a lot of reasons for us non-invite holders to still view the shows. So I guess I should keep on keeping on with enjoying viewing pictures online, my jealousy of not seeing the shows in person, and contribute to #NYFW with Tweets like these:

Do you look at Fashion Week pics? What makes you click through slideshow after slideshow? What do you get out of it (besides jealousy)? 

*Okay, Peyton Manning deservedly took number one for a while, and I don't check the thing 24/7, and I know there's business promotion and the fact that fashion peeps are very passionate social media users, but still! Regular people gotta be contributing to keep that going!

September 6, 2013

Is It Really As Bad As All That?

 Karl Lagerfeld Kim Kardashian Jam Photograph

As you may have heard if, you know, you're the kind of person that keeps up with these things, Kim Kardashain was photographed (and styled?) by Karl Lagerfeld for Carine Roitfeld's CR Fashion Book. I saw the pics yesterday and my reaction was something like, "Oh. Those are kinda weird. She looks pretty. Maybe they're kinda cool-ish/creepy-ish?" And that was it.

Since then, I keep seeing the pictures linked to and people are not too happy about them. On the one hand it's the classic We Hate The Kardashians chant that echoes through classy establishments like the Yahoo! comments section. On the other hand, the websites where I've seen articles about these pictures haven't been on Yahoo! but rather The Cut and Pajiba, which means commenters don't say "Go away Kim KarTRASHian," they say stuff like this instead:


Maybe I don't know enough about Karl Lagerfeld (like the writer of the Panjiba article, my impression of him is largely based on The Fug Girls' version), but isn't this giving the whole thing too much credit? I don't see this so much as a brilliant ruse as much as a maybe sorta kinda ruse that Kim was at least quasi-aware of and that wasn't pulled off with as much vitriol as people think is has.

Karl Lagerfeld Kim Kardashian CR Fashion Book

I don't really know that Karl pulled one over on her at all. I would be surprised if Kim isn't aware that she holds an odd place in pop culture and then was able to make the next step that her posing in artsy (or, "artsy" if you must) pictures for a magazine was playing around with that somehow. I mean, she's wearing a veil with a Yankees cap and American flag t-shirt. You have to know that some sort of commentary-- commentary that might not exactly be flattering-- is being made.

And honestly I don't know exactly what the comment is, and if there is any at all, I don't know that it runs throughout all of the pictures. Like, the jam picture looks cool, but it's not the most shockingly creative thing in the world and it doesn't so much beg the "But what does it mean?!" question so much as whimper it and move on. At this point, maybe I'm the one thinking too deeply about it, but only because other people had to go and be all "Omg! The total annihilation of the art world!" instead of just being like "Oh. She looks nice without so much makeup and that jelly is weird and I love/hate/don't care about these pictures." 

Karl Lagerfeld Kim Kardashian Pregnant


I guess that's what Kim Kardashian brings out in people: a vicious need to voice your opinion on her. You could just not watch the show, right? This is coming from someone who is required to watch the show weekly to write recaps. Believe me, I understand just how easy it would be to not watch the show.

I'll leave you with this gem from The Cut article comments:



What say you? They aren't THAT bad, right? And if they are, aren't they normal bad and not this-isn't-art-what-is-the-world-coming-to bad? Am I crazy?

What Is This?

I am the worst.

It's a phrase I use a lot. Scratch that. I call things "the worst" a lot. Not always in reference to myself because that would be sad and this is not that kind of place...Yet... What I mean is, I've started and re-started, like, four blogs since 2007 (more on this in a future post because whoa that is so long ago now) and I haven't done the best job at having it look and be exactly how I wanted it to look and be, which I imagine is pretty hard for anyone. My best attempt was my first one which was about fashion and the 2008 presidential election and was also called The Launderette. It was a weird combination of things and I liked it that way. Somehow I was able to stay focused on both topics. Though I admit, Michelle Obama helped bridge the gap.

The name The Launderette stuck with me and two years ago I started The Launderette Vintage, an Etsy shop. It still exists (everything is 50% off right now!), but I've not been as active with it as I once was because I've been busy with other things aka writing cover letter after cover letter and completing edit test after edit test in attempt to become A Writer rather than "Yeah, I'm a writer. Sorta. I also just finished a temp job so..."

For some reason I'm still drawn back to this dang ol' blogging thing though. Probably because I feel the constant need to get everything going on in my head out of my head, but also because I look at other fashion and personal style blogs constantly and think, "Hey, I could totally do that and not have it look crappy and go horribly off-topic like those other times I tried!"

So I'm trying. Again. This is another place for me to write, one that doesn't require a cover letter; although I suppose this has become a sort of one at this point. And it's a lesson in staying on topic. This honestly is hard for me. If you see a interior design/football/Real Housewives post pop up briefly, do not be alarmed. I like a lot of things, but I'm going to attempt to keep this narrowed down to fashion.

Just probably with a lot more words that most.