November 21, 2013

All of the Things


Runway collections have so much variance that it's hard to know how to judge them. Sometimes they're boring, although reasonable, and full of things that already exist. Sometimes they're artistic and totally and completely unwearable. Then there's the times when I flip through photos and think, I really "get" this. One of these collections is 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2013. "But that happened so long ago," you're saying. My response is, "It's fall 2013 right now, is it not?" 

I think what I like so much about this collection is that I actually want to wear the clothes. I don't have to imagine crazy scenarios in which I would like to wear them, I would just like to wear them in my normal life.  Maybe the styling is just a little more extreme. While would wear over-the-knee boots, I would definitely not wear over-the-knee spat attachments. I do like to have a lot of textures going on though. And I like interesting, jagged hems. I like layers and the colors used-- black, pink, navy, grey, army green. As corny as it sounds, this was one that really spoke to me. And spoke to me in a reasonable way. It didn't say something like, "This is what you would want to wear if you were attending Cannes." 

I'm sure anyone that views runway shows has a designer that brings up these I-wanna-wear-this-now feelings. For me, it's Phillip Lim.

Do you know what I mean? What collections are you version of this? 

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