June 24, 2014

Polyvore Ptuesday

All I want to wear recently.

I used to be against Vans slip-ons and I have no idea why, but I'm into them recently. (I've been wearing those same K-Mart slip-ons for years, so this really never added up.) Also, I've really just been feeling like wearing pants. It was 86 degrees today. Oh well. I wish I had both these outfits now and the weather that suited them. (I also wish I had someone who wants to buy me an $800 pair of sneakers — the floral ones are Givenchy. Ridiculous.)



June 2, 2014

Matching Sets

I'm pretty obsessed with matching sets right now whether the crop top is paired with a skirt or shorts. I love the crop top thing, but for me it definitely is a no-go unless whatever is on the bottom is high-waisted. I have a skirt set I got at Forever 21 a couple months ago (I wore the skirt alone here), but I'm always looking out for more since they're all I would wear this summer in perfect world.

Here's a few cool ones I found around the web:

(1) Asos; (2) Asos; (3) Topshop; (4) Asos; (5) Target; (6) Etsy (Seeing as they host my store — which is not at its best right now — I'm obviously a big supported of Etsy, and it's a great place to find vintage matching sets.); (7) Go Jane

May 11, 2014


Today is Mother's Day so naturally I went to Brooklyn Botanic Garden with my boyfriend where we avoided being in the way of people's Mother's Day pictures. That's what happens when you live in a different state than your mom. You have to call her and send her a LifeFactory bottle as a gift that won't arrive until several days after Mother's Day. 

I'd wanted to see the Cherry Blossoms at BBG basically since I moved to New York, but the fact that they're only around briefly meant that this didn't happen until my third May living here. They were as gorgeous as I imagined and I didn't even mind that the garden was crowded due to the holiday.

Some unintentional matching.

Man, sometimes I really think I'm not cut out for this. And by "this" I mean posting photos of myself on the internet. Come on girl, at least brush the cherry blossoms off your leg first! I also had dirt on my butt from sitting on the ground because I'm totally classy and super put-together like that.


Wore this H&M dress with my Nikes during the daytime for running errands. Then added a jacket, ankle boots, and hat for going out at night.

I also attempted a selfie which is extremely rare for me. I just liked my makeup, okay?! Shut up! (I also liked my bravery at wearing a hat at night. Does anyone else think wearing a hat at night is weird? It's seems silly to me because it isn't serving a practical purpose like blocking the sun. Obviously not everything I wear serves a practical purpose, but for some reason hats at night makes me self conscious.)

One Month In

Much like the way I pay my rent, my recap of the Get Dressed Project's first month is late. I wanted to do this on the first, but I also wanted to post photos of what I wore everyday on the day it happened. As is obviously judging by the blank spaces here and there, that hasn't happened. It's not that the project is going to end up incomplete, it's just that for several days I've ended up writing down what I wore so that I can go back and take pictures later. I was fine with this happening going in, but it was supposed to be a now-and-then thing so I wouldn't have so much pressure on myself. Instead it's become a too common of an occurrence on weekdays and I pretty much just end up taking photos of myself actually wearing the clothes on the weekends. I want to change this because I think the whole thing will be more fun and actually a challenge which is part of why I started this in the first place. Right now it feels more like a burden, like, "Oh shit. I have to take photos of like ten days of outfits now and the weather is always crappy and the lighting in my apartment blows."

Speaking of, one of the main things I've learned so far is that taking pictures outside is a million times better than taking them inside. Especially with the not-so-great camera I have. 

I mean, just look at this:

Compared to this:

Also, I've learned that I wear those K-Mart flats and camo pointy-toe flats all the time. Like, ALL THE TIME. And that I squint a lot in pictures. And that I tend to not wear things I like unless I have a "reason" to (going out to dinner, on the weekend, etc.) which is stupid because the reason should be that I like feeling good and not sitting around in a t-shirt and whatever pair of shorts is closest. Ugh, but it's just so easy sometimes. 

So... things I hope to do going forward: Take more pictures outside. Take pictures on the actual day. Write blog posts that aren't just about the Get Dressed Project like I used to. (This one is particularly difficult since I spend 9-5 of every weekday staring at a computer screen.) Write the month-long recap on the first of the month.

May 6, 2014


Cinco de Mayo is my boyfriend's birthday so we celebrated by going to a Middle Eastern restaurant which was empty because... it was Cinco de Mayo. It really must be hard dealing with having your birthday on a holiday. It might even be as hard as having to use lemons for your Corona because of the lime shortage as I found out yesterday. (Yep, I didn't give up Corona in solidarity. Some things are just necessary.) I wore this for the occasion and regretted the high-waist skirt decision as soon as dinner was over. These pics were taken before when I wasn't so full I couldn't move.